July 23, 2018

Pretty much everyone will get a scar at some point in their life, be it from nicking yourself while cooking dinner, cutting yourself shaving, or something much more serious.

Scarring comes in many forms, but one that is often forgotten about is stretch marks. They’re just a part of growing up...literally. They can be brought on from growing or gaining weight too quickly as well as a pregnancy, and are caused by the elasticity of your skin not being able to keep up.

Many of us are ashamed of our scars. Highly visible ones like stretch marks can leave us feeling insecure or paranoid, causing us to not feel our best.

Here at Absolute Collagen, we want everyone to feel confident in the skin they’re in. And luckily, taking your daily dose of our drinkable collagen supplements can actually help with scar and stretch marks.

Collagen helps skin elasticity and hydration. Our natural collagen levels decrease as we get older, causing our skin to sag, wrinkle, and lose the plumpness we associate with amazing skin.

Taking a daily collagen supplement like Absolute Collagen can help restart the collagen production, and get your body to produce more as you age.  Thus, help with scars and stretch marks .

Sound too good to be true? Well, our #Absoluters have experienced some amazing results.

Chris says: “I'm surprised that my scars have visibly reduced and skin texture improved massively. Definitely sticking with Absolute Collagen”.

Joanne even found that Absolute Collagen helped with quite a serious injury she had: “I gashed my hand on a saw and it was ripped to shreds, very painful. And it healed fully in less than a week and I have no scar! It was this that made me realise how awesome collagen is for repair, healing and plumping the skin.”

So if you have stretch marks or scars, try taking Absolute Collagen and seeing if it helps.

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