December 14, 2017

Christmas is coming faster than you can say “collagen.”

While we’re absolutely buzzing here at the AC HQ, we’re also running out of time to buy the perfect presents for our friends and family.

One of the toughest decisions we make this time of year is what to get all the special people in our lives, so this year, why not give the gift of beautiful skin with Absolute Collagen?

Our drinkable skincare is perfect for mums, dads, fitness buffs, and beauty fanatics of all ages. Whether it’s for preventing fine lines and wrinkles or building muscle, our his-and-hers supplements make a great present for any man or woman in your life.

We’ve even been featured in a number of gift guides this month!  

Helen at Helerina Blogs included us in her Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide, and says:

“How about giving the gift of younger skin this year? Absolute Collagen are daily drinkable collagen shots. I am already a huge fan of collagen supplements and the benefits they have on the skin.”

We also got a shoutout in VIVA Manchester’s makeup gift guide:

“Give someone the gift of age-defying beauty this year by giving him or her Absolute Collagen shots. These sachet shots will provide your friends and family with an extra boost of collagen to keep that skin taut and youthful for longer.”

And we can't forget our Stud Box, which Shaun from His Habits included in his Ultimate Grooming Gift Guide:

"If you’re buying for someone who is a health fanatic, or generally looks after their skin, then Absolute Collagen's Stud Box will make a great gift...It’s drinkable skincare, and if it’s good enough for Calum Best, it’s good enough to gift."

Lastly, the ladies over at Scouse Bird Problems chose Absolute Collagen as a go-to gift for mums. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say:

“If there’s one thing mums live for, it’s being mistaken for your sister instead of your mum. With Absolute Collagen, she can make like Cher and turn back time.”

We love that everyone wants to give the gift of timeless beauty this Christmas. So go ahead and grab one of our women’s boxes for your favourite lady, or order a Stud Box for your stud.

And don’t forget, we also offer gift vouchers.

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