September 13, 2017

If you've ever looked at someone and wondered how she got that "glow", then here's one way to look your best every day, in our interview with Maxine from Absolute Collagen

1. How did you end up doing what you do?

I was a 50-year-old mother of two when I found collagen quite by accident. 
I was suffering from arthritis and started taking bone broth. I found I had an enormous sense of well-being and my skin was just glowing. The bone broth had collagen in it – and it was this that was making my skin look so good!

So I started cooking up chicken feet and pigs’ trotters in my kitchen to extract the collagen. My friends then started asking for it and I decided I wanted to share my health and beauty secret. After more research and input from scientists I discovered that the best type of collagen was marine collagen, so I made my own formula and found an outlet to mix and batch it.

This enabled me to create a Daily Dose of Beauty ensuring maximum benefits in the most convenient and cost-effective way. 

2. What's the best part about your job?

Being able to make a difference and ensure that beauty isn’t pocket deep. My mother was on the breadline all her life and it’s important to me that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of this so we keep the prices as cost-effective as possible for the end consumer.

Also having the great testimonials and feedback from our ‘#Absoluters’ – the best results we’ve heard about are in just three days! Knowing that our product works and helps people is brilliant. We’ve even had reports that customers have been asked if they’ve had "work done" or other treatments!

3. What advice would you give couples wanting to order your products?

Start taking the collagen daily before your wedding to ensure you have fewer lines and wrinkles, clear, dewy, ‘glowing’ skin and feel great too!  After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel better for their big day?

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