December 21, 2017

We have a brand new #Absoluter in our midst.

Can you take a guess as to who?

Let’s just say that he’s pretty well known, he’s been in the Big Brother house a few times, his dad was a Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend and one of the best footballers in the country. Figured it out yet?

It’s Calum Best!

Calum’s been taking Absolute Collagen for over two weeks now, and is officially a confirmed Absoluter. He’s been posting his experience with Absolute Collagen on Twitter, and you can follow along here.

He’s testing out our Stud Box, which contains 14 collagen sachets that allow you to work towards healthier hair and better skin in two weeks. Our formula for men contains the most collagen in the smallest dose at the lowest possible price, all with the minimum amount of fuss. What’s not to like?

Here's what he had to say:

“Look what arrived today. Someone is thinking of us blokes when it comes to skincare. The #studbox ... In 14 days I should notice better skin and hair thanks to the 8mg marine collagen…”

After only one week, he had already seen a difference in his skin and hair:
OK its been one week since I started taking @abscollagen and I'm very happy with the results on my skin and hair. So easy to take on the go!”
Calum Best Tests Out Stud Box

Now, a few weeks later, he’s officially been converted.

“2 weeks of using @abscollagen and very happy with the results. Am a confirmed #absoluter! Anyone wanting better hair and skin should check it out”

We’re really excited to have someone from such a famous heritage supporting us. If you’d like to join Calum and become an #Absoluter, order our stud box now!

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