June 19, 2018

Top Tips for Healthy Summer Hair!

1. Hair must replenish moisture to stay healthy - in just the same way as the body needs water. Conditioner will achieve this so invest. In a recent perception trial of Absolute Collagen however, all candidates reported needing to use less conditioner by 8 weeks usage.

2. Too many suds can fade colour and parch strands. Make sure you are using a gentle, preferably sulfate-free shampoo.

3. Avoid too much blowdrying in the summer months and try to let your hair dry naturally before putting it in a pretty plait or lose bun.If your hair looks shiny and healthy - anything looks chic!

4. Oils are a great way to hydrate the hair. Try coconut or macadamia oils for a homemade hair mask or dollop a little into your conditioner or styling cream before applying to lock in moisture.

5. As with anything - we are what we eat! Our hair shafts need to be filled with vitamins, minerals and protein. Absolute Collagen contains 7 of the 8 amino-acids essential for the strength, elasticity and growth of the hair.

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