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Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist, Michael Douglas

Meet our latest hair hero - celebrity hairstylist and all round hair guru, Michael Douglas. We’re incredibly excited to have Michael on board to support our Absoluters with all things hair, and we’re so proud that he simply loves our haircare range too!

Who is Michael Douglas?

Michael Douglas is an experienced hairdresser and hair expert, trusted by lots of the big names in film and TV. With 33 years of experience in everything hair related, Michael brings a wealth of expertise to Team AC, as well as the latest tips, tricks, and must-have products for your absolute best hair days.

Michael became a teacher of hairdressing in 1994, specialising in hair colouring. He then went from working at Wella to branching out into research and development of new hair products for P&G, and from there made the move into styling hair for commercials, TV shows, films, and the big names in Hollywood. 

Today, Michael has his own salon in the bustling heart of Soho. He continues to work on incredible campaigns across the media, while also keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest trends and must-have hair products - including Absolute Collagen’s thickening haircare duo!

Absolute Collagen and Michael Douglas

We’re incredibly excited to work with Michael - as a leading hairstylist trusted by so many huge names in TV and film, there’s no one better to share expert advice to our amazing Absoluters. We’re committed to creating the very best for the Absoluter community, and that means having the absolute best experts. You can keep up with all the latest from Michael across our social media and blog - plus exclusive Absoluter events where he’ll be sharing his expertise, too!

Michael loves the results of our award-winning collagen range; from the daily collagen supplement to the clinically proven shampoo and conditioner duo, he’s a big fan of the power of collagen for gorgeous hair. Enjoy a daily dose of Absolute Collagen alongside regular use of our thickening shampoo and conditioner to see and feel the absolute best results for your hair.

When it comes to the haircare duo especially, Michael is full of praise for Absolute Collagen: “Not often are there new and genuinely innovative formulations in haircare - especially formulations that really deliver. It’s new, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s proven to work. Collagen has some incredible benefits for our hair and the results really speak for themselves.”

Michael Douglas: Top tips for great hair

Of course, we couldn’t let Michael go without sharing his top tips for great hair with us.

You can read all about Michael and his expertise over on the blog, but to get you started, here’s some pieces of expert advice to achieve gorgeous locks every day - and if it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for our superstar Absoluters, too!

Here are Michael Douglas' Top Tips:

- Shampoo regularly, and remember that for the best results, shampoo is for the roots of your hair and your scalp, while conditioner is for the lengths and ends of your hair. 

- Be gentle with your hair - let the shampoo do the work. Massage the scalp (gently) rather than the hair itself.

- Don’t rush it! Hair washing works best when you take your time, so a good rule is to shampoo the hair for 30 seconds longer than you think you need to, and remember to wash it in running water (a shower, rather than a bath).

- Ensure you protect your hair in the sun. The sun will bleach your hair - it essentially decomposes the natural colour pigment in your hair. The best way to protect your hair is to create a barrier between the sun and your hair. Simply put, wear a hat! 

- Shampooing and heat styling also fades your hair. A mild shampoo, like Absolute Collagen’s Collagen Complex Hair Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner Duo will help keep your colour vibrant for longer. 

- Fancy going darker once you’ve gone light? When your hair is lighter, it tends to be more porous. However, when you colour your hair darker from being lighter, it retains that porosity. Therefore, it sucks in colour quickly but lets it go quickly, too. You will find that your colour fades quickly. 

- Feed your hair from within. To help support your hair, Michael recommends eating 60-65g of protein every day. One of Absolute Collagen’s nifty little sachets contains 6.8g of protein. 

And finally, boost your hair inside and out with the Absolute Collagen range - and when you become an Absoluter, you’ll enjoy exclusive subscriber discounts on our supplement and haircare duo. Say hello to your absolute best hair days today!