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Photo showing Eva Proudman, a white woman with short blonde hair, wearing a white lab coat and sitting in her office, she is speaking to a lady with long black hair who is facing away from the camera
July 30, 2021

Caring for Hair in Summer: Top Trichologist Tells All!

2 mins read By Eva Proudman

Our in-house hair expert shares her advice for keeping your hair in top condition while on holiday.

Hello to all you Absoluters out there! Recently, I have received lots of great questions about how you should look after your hair during the summer - so here are my top tips for keeping your hair looking fabulous throughout the warmer weather.

The Effects of Sun on Hair

Just like our skin the hair can suffer from exposure to the hot summer sunshine. UVA and UVB rays can dry the hair, affect the colour of the hair, and of course burn the scalp.

You should wear a hat when you are outside for long periods of time, or use SPF specific to your hair, as well as for your skin. Ultrasun in particular offer some great options for hair and scalp sun protection.

As a general rule, if your scalp is exposed, you should use a mineral based sunscreen for the best protection. These sunscreens work by reflecting away the harmful rays before they penetrate the skin, and modern formulations of mineral sunscreens mean they no longer leave the same white residue that earlier mineral based SPF products often did.

Managing Hair on Holiday

We all love the freedom of our summer holidays - sitting in the sunshine and swimming in the pool or sea is just such a delight. But remember, just because we’re taking a holiday, our haircare routine shouldn’t!

Here are my holiday hair tips:

When our hair is wet it is at its most vulnerable and can easily break or split. I recommend investing in a wide tooth comb to have to hand to use on wet hair - this will really protect your hair from excessive friction that can be caused if you aren’t careful.

Post-Holiday Hair Advice

When you come back from your holiday, there are a few things I recommend doing.

Firstly, it’s useful to book in with your hairdresser for a trim to take off any ends of the hair that have become dry or brittle from your holiday.

Using a deep moisturising hair mask is always a good idea to really give that hair some hydration and to smooth the outer protective layer. This will help get that smooth and glossy shine back.

If you have your hair coloured, try not to have your colour refreshed until you have been home for a few weeks. This will allow your hair to recover from any sun and sea exposure.

If you have coloured blonde hair and you notice it has become peachy after your holiday, don’t try to correct it at home, see your hairdresser for a professional treatment that won’t be too harsh on your hair.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Hair

Holidays often see a complete change from your usual routine – that’s the whole point! Snacking, not getting regular meals, and drinking more alcohol can all be fun parts of a holiday, but getting back to a balanced diet, good quality sleep and plenty of water will all benefit your hair and general wellbeing.

And of course, taking a daily dose of Absolute Collagen is a great addition to a good daily routine, and can have great benefits for your hair. Rich in essential amino acids, Absolute Collagen is an ideal supplement if you’re looking to boost the appearance and texture of your hair.

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Article written by Eva Proudman
This blog post is written by Eva Proudman, top Trichologist and resident hair expert at Absolute Collagen. A Trichologist is clinically trained in all aspects of the hair and scalp health. Eva is here to offer advice to our customers who want to know more about the benefits of collagen for hair.

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