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Absolute Collagen’s Partnership with CoppaFeel!

We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with CoppaFeel!, the UK's first and only breast cancer awareness charity for young people.

At Absolute Collagen, we're all about championing absolute possibilities and feeling confident in your own skin. That's why we are so excited to announce our partnership with CoppaFeel!, who are on a mission to educate and empower our Absoluters, and young people, about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

As we journey through life, we learn to navigate the ins and outs of our health – what we need to do, how to communicate with doctors, and understanding our own bodies. But let's be real, our younger selves didn't always have that knowledge. CoppaFeel! is on a mission to change this, and that’s a mission we fully support.

So, this year, we’re going to do absolutely everything possible to ensure our younger friends and family feel equipped and empowered when it comes to their breast health. Helping CoppaFeel! increase awareness and make chest checking become second nature.

There’ll be lots of fun ways you, our wonderful Absoluters, can get involved too, so watch this space! 

"We are so excited to be partnering with Absolute Collagen for the next year!"- Amber, Partnerships Manager, CoppaFeel!

Read on to learn more about CoppaFeel!’s vital work, and how we’re supporting them:

Read on to learn more about CoppaFeel!’s vital work, and how we’re supporting them:
Meet CoppaFeel!

Founded in 2009 by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister Maren, CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity dedicated to helping young people understand the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. 

Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at just 23, Kris found herself navigating a maze of uncertainty, discovering that there was little to no information out there for young people going through similar journeys.

Kris's story shines a light on a harsh reality: breast cancer doesn't discriminate. At the time of her diagnosis, she knew very little about the disease and had to visit her doctor three times before finally being diagnosed. 

It hit her hard that there was scarce information available for young people, with hardly anything to educate them on breast cancer, self-care practices, and dispelling the myth that it only affects older women.

So, Kris and Maren decided to change that - CoppaFeel! was born.

One of the ways CoppaFeel! spread awareness is through volunteers, such as their Boobettes

Today, CoppaFeel! is spreading vital awareness and giving young people the knowledge and tools to check their chests, and also the confidence to seek medical advice if they notice a change, which will help increase early detection for breast cancer and ultimately, will save lives.

"All the incredible fundraising and awareness raising that Absolute Collagen will be running will make such a huge difference to helping us achieve our mission; to give all young people the best chance of surviving breast cancer, by ensuring that every case is diagnosed early and correctly. "- Amber, Partnerships Manager, CoppaFeel!
Inspiration and Collaboration

Maxine first learnt about CoppaFeel! after reading about Kris’ personal journey in her book, "Glittering a Turd". Maxine was so inspired by Kris’ story, courage and dedication to raising awareness of breast cancer in young people, she decided to sign up for the CoppaFeel! Scottish Highlands Trek, beginning Absolute Collagen’s journey with Coppafeel!.

It was during the trek that Maxine first met our Deep Lift Skincare Brand Ambassador, Emma Willis. Bonding over their belief in women supporting each other, celebrating their incredible stories of strength and of promoting CoppaFeel!, this trek was the start of several beautiful friendships. 

Reflecting on her trek with the CoppaFeel! family, Maxine shares, 

“I was inspired after reading Kris’ book, where she shares her own breast cancer diagnosis and journey at only 23. I knew then I wanted to do something to help raise awareness. So, in 2021, I embarked on my first CoppaFeel! trek in The Scottish Highlands. What a week it was, hearing so many stories from young women whose lives had been changed by breast cancer. I knew I had to do even more.”

Image of Maxine Laceby and Emma Willis on the Coppafeel! Trek

Maxine Laceby and Emma Willis together on the Scottish Highlands CoppaFeel! trek

Absolute Collagen Partnership

We truly believe in CoppaFeel!’s mission and over the next 12 months; we're diving headfirst into supporting them, spreading awareness and raising funds. 

We’ve got lots of amazing fundraising events lined up that you, our wonderful Absoluters, will be able to get involved in. And, through our Absoluter community, we’ll also be spreading awareness by sharing stories of strength and resilience, and empowering the Absoluter community to talk about breast health with their loved ones.

As well as this, we’ll be sharing lots of important videos, including how to check your chest and common FAQs, both on this dedicated page and our socials, making sure we reach as many people as possible.

How You Can Get Involved

Join us in making a difference! We are already planning some exciting events and will announce our first CoppaFeel! fundraiser event very soon - so watch this space! 

You can also keep an eye on our social media channels and monthly round up for updates on upcoming initiatives, fundraising activities, and opportunities to participate.

Together we can raise awareness of CoppaFeel!'s life saving message and encourage everyone to check their chests.

CoppaFeel! supporters on their CoppaTrek! in the Sahara