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Image of co-founder and daughter, Darcy Laceby, Founder Maxine Laceby, and other daughter Margot Laceby

The original collagen specialists

As the original collagen specialists, we know just how important collagen is. We’re tremendously proud of our award-winning products where collagen is our hero, and our fabulous Absoluters are our ultimate proof.

Meet Maxine and Darcy: the Original Absoluters!

Absolute Collagen was born from a personal art project which turned out to be life-changing. After her daughters had flown the nest, at age 50 our co-founder Maxine decided to pursue her dream of going to University to study Fine Art.

From here, Maxine’s perspective on her own potential and the almost infinite amount of opportunities available to her at any age was changed forever.
Maxine began her studies at the same time that her eldest daughter and now co-founder Darcy was embarking on a food development degree - little did they know that their paths would cross so perfectly!

Image of Darcy Laceby and Maxine Laceby, sat on the stairs together

“For my first assignment as part of my degree, I created a project called “Dare To Go Bare” which pushed me completely out of my comfort zone. I cut my hair short, went make-up free and embraced my natural grey hair to see how people would react and how it would make me feel.”

“The results were eye-opening and unexpected: my new appearance left me feeling lost and insecure, which made me realise that I had a long way to go on the road to self-acceptance. I knew it was time to put myself first.” - Maxine Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen.

Image of Maxine Laceby, sat on a blue chair, showcasing the yellow collagen supplement sachet and the collagen booster serum

From Maxine's kitchen table to beloved national brand

After hours of research, Maxine began mixing vats of rich bone broth filled with collagen in her home kitchen and before she knew it, her skin was glowing, her hair was shining and her nails were growing. Her external confidence and internal sense of well-being had completely shifted, all thanks to one all-important ingredient: collagen. 

“The results were so visible both inside and out that many of my friends even started to ask me if they could try some of my broth too! Realising that it worked, I wanted to help even more people and decided to embark on a business venture with Darcy from our kitchen table at home.” - Maxine Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen.

Little sachet, big results

Our co-founders Maxine and Darcy discovered that many collagen tablets were filled with fillers and binders and were also found in low dosages, so they opted for liquid collagen instead which is known to offer the best absorption rate for maximum hair, skin and nail support. From here, they talked with doctors and scientists and set out to offer the first premium type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen drink in the smallest ready-mixed liquid dose.

Darcy now leads Absolute Collagen’s product development area with unwavering grit and raw passion, underpinning everything we do with efficacy and a forward-thinking attitude. From our award-winning liquid collagen drink to our serum and haircare duo, Darcy has strived to source only the best clinically approved ingredients that are proven to work better together, all for the best customers: that’s you!

“At its heart, Absolute Collagen is all about championing absolute possibility at any age. We now have a bigger purpose: a purpose to inspire and empower others in the most authentic way. Today, our product range reflects our belief that beauty is built with strength from the inside and out.”

“I feel so grateful for our growing community of Absoluters who allow us to be a part of their lives through our science-backed beauty products, all developed to work together to help you unlock your powerful potential.” - Darcy Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen.

Image of Co-Founder, Darcy Laceby, sat on blue chair
The Most Concentrated Collagen Supplement On The Market

While other collagen brands pack their products full of extra ingredients, we chose to keep it simple and follow the science. Each pre-mixed 10ml sachet contains a mighty 8000mg of liquid collagen enriched with Vitamin C and 7.7g of protein to ensure that your body makes the most of every dose - making us the UK’s most concentrated daily collagen supplement available today. 

After researching collagen tablets and supplements, Maxine discovered that many were filled with fillers and binders. She opted for liquid collagen, as liquid supplements are absorbed far better than tablets, and set out to offer the maximum amount of premium collagen available in the smallest, most concentrated, ready mixed dose

Beauty With Benefits

As we age, our collagen levels naturally deplete which causes the likes of fine lines, dry, thinning hair, and brittle nails - but this doesn’t have to be the case. Alongside promoting smoother-feeling skin and glossier-looking hair and nails, our nifty collagen sachets support your energy levels and are a great boost of protein! See some of our success stories here.

Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

The results from thousands of happy Absoluters speak for themselves - we’re proud to have received over 1000 five-starreviewsand have sold over 10 million doses (and counting!). A survey found that 78% of Absoluters noticed results within just 12 weeks, but for best results we recommend taking a sachet a day on an ongoing basis, wherever and whenever suits you.

Supportive Community

Everything we do has and will always be for you, the Absoluter. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive Absoluter community for subscribers to connect and share their Absolute Collagen journey with one another.

Endorsed by top skin and hair experts

Headshot of Eva Proudman, Trichologist for Absolute Collagen
Eva Proudman
Our consultant trichologist Eva Proudman has over 20 years’ experience in hair and scalp health, and supports Absoluters with their hair concerns - plus, she helped us develop our award-winning haircare range!
Dr Ne Win
Our resident dermatologist Dr Thurein Ne Win knows the importance of collagen for great skin, and supports Absoluters with their specific skin queries.

“Darcy and I invite you all to try Absolute Collagen and stand with us on this wonderfully imperfect journey to new-found confidence and self-love. When it all gets too much, just remember this: your body is capable of the most beautiful things. We believe in you, and so do our amazing products.” - Maxine Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen.

Image of Maxine Laceby - Co Founder of Absolute Collagen