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Deep Lift Skincare: Your Autumn Skin Essential
October 6, 2023

Deep Lift Skincare: Your Autumn Skin Essential

2 mins read By Hanna Forrest skin

Autumn is upon us, bringing with it cooler temperatures, crisp air, and a change in the way we care for our skin.

As the weather grows colder, it's crucial to adapt your skincare routine to ensure your skin stays radiant and glowing throughout the darker months. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest innovation, Deep Lift Skincare. This remarkable skincare range is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 28 days ³, making it your essential companion for the autumn season.


The Deep Lift Skincare Routine

Achieving beautiful skin during autumn doesn't have to be complicated. Our Deep Lift Skincare range simplifies the process with four easy steps, designed to keep your skin looking its best even as the temperature drops:

Step 1: Deep Cleanse

Begin your skincare routine with a fresh canvas by using a gentle cleanser. A clean face is essential for the Deep Lift Skincare products to work their magic effectively.

Step 2: Serum Power with Maxerum™

After cleansing, apply our Maxerum™ serum to your clean skin. Maxerum™ is packed with powerhouse collagen-boosting ingredients and is clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 28% and reduce wrinkles by 18% in just 28 days. Maxerum™ contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration without any oily residue - perfect for combating the cold, windy days of autumn!

Step 3: Deep Lift Day Cream with SPF Protection

Continue your autumn skincare routine with our Deep Lift Day Cream, enriched with SPF30. This advanced formula includes Matrixyl® 3000 ¹, a key ingredient known to boost collagen production, leaving your skin radiant and protected from the sun's rays.

Step 4: Deep Lift Neck and Dec Cream

Now it’s time to give your neck and décolleté the special care they deserve with our Deep Lift Neck & Dec Cream. This cream works deep using Dermosculpt™  ² and leaves you with a sculpted and firmed appearance on this delicate skin area.

Step 4: Deep Lift Eye Cream for Brighter Eyes

Gently dab on the Deep Lift Eye Cream, which has been clinically proven to lift the delicate skin around your eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes and hello to a refreshed gaze.

Repeat the Routine Before Bedtime

To maximise the benefits of Deep Lift Skincare, don't forget to repeat this simple routine before bedtime. Swap out the Deep Lift Day Cream for the Deep Lift Night Cream, allowing it to work its magic to strengthen and restore your skin while you sleep. 

By incorporating the power of Maxerum™ serum and the new Deep Lift Skincare range into your daily routine, you'll embrace collagen boosting skincare products from the UK’s No.1 Collagen Experts that are clinically proven to deliver visible results from just four weeks.3

Don't Forget Your Absolute Collagen Supplement

Support your new autumn skincare routine with a daily dose of Absolute Collagen Marine Collagen. Packed with 8000mg of premium hydrolysed collagen enriched with Vitamin C, could this be the perfect autumn skincare partner? Absolutely!


Other Top Tips for Brighter Skin This Autumn

Practise Good Sleep Hygiene

With the days growing shorter and nights arriving earlier, it's tempting to spend evenings in front of screens or sipping on caffeine and alcohol. However, these habits can disrupt your sleep patterns, affecting both your physical and mental well-being. Here are some suggestions to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep:

  • Set a regular bedtime: Establish a consistent sleep schedule to improve the quality of your sleep. It might feel tough at first, but your body will quickly embrace your new bedtime routine and you’ll feel much better for it!

  • Change your routine gradually: If you're a night owl, transition to an earlier bedtime gradually. Start by turning off the TV an hour earlier and cuddling up with a good book on the sofa.

  • Limit screen time: Reduce exposure to screens before bed to enhance sleep quality.

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol: Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol late in the day.

  • Keep it dark: Invest in blackout curtains or use a sleep mask to block out light.

  • Choose calming scents: Aromas like lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, chamomile, or sandalwood can help you relax and fall asleep faster.


    Little Things to Make Your Day 

    Make your mornings brighter by planning a routine that gets you excited to start the day. Whether it's setting out your clothes the night before or preparing a nourishing breakfast, having something to look forward to can make those chilly mornings more enjoyable and really help you get out of your warm bed.


    With the arrival of autumn, it's time to embrace change, not just in our wardrobes but in our skincare routine as well. By incorporating the Deep Lift Skincare range and following these tips, you'll be prepared to face the challenges of the season while keeping your skin radiant.

    Ready to feel your absolute best this autumn and beyond? Become an Absoluter and start your journey today!


    1 Matrixyl® 3000 is a registered trademark of Sederma.

    2 Dermosculpt™ is a registered trademark of Codif Technologie Naturelle.

    Clinical trial over 28 days. Results based on over 30 people.

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