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March 15, 2022


How Can Collagen Help Women’s Hair?

Your hair will absolutely love a daily dose of Absolute Collagen - here's why!

March 15, 2022

Photo showing a woman with long dark hair, she is standing in a kitchen and touching her hair, shyly looking away from the camera

March 15, 2022

When entrepreneur Maxine Laceby created Absolute Collagen, it was her goal to help women everywhere look and feel their best, from the tips of their toes to the top of their heads. That’s why today we’re exploring the bountiful benefits of collagen for skin and hair.

Throughout all phases of their lives, we want our Absoluters to love their locks and make every day their absolute best hair day. Here's how!

What does collagen do to hair?

We know there’s plenty of skincare perks to supplementing your diet with collagen, but now to answer the question on everybody’s lips: ‘so, how does collagen help hair?’

Infographic explaining why Absolute Collagen is good for hair

Our bodies naturally consider our hair cells as inessential, meaning they often become the first casualties if our bodies are running low on protein or amino acids. We’ve designed a daily dose of Absolute Collagen to keep thirsty hair cells topped up and provide the essential amino acid sustenance needed for thicker-looking, shinier hair.

But the collagen benefits for hair don’t stop there - that’s why we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need below, to create your own comprehensive guide on how to level up your layers.

How does collagen help hair?

As our levels of collagen naturally decline, we can find our once beloved braids becoming thin, fine, and brittle. Now, no one likes a bad hair day, but these persistent hair challenges can be a difficult experience to deal with, often taking a toll on our self-confidence. Absolute Collagen for women has been formulated to help fight against this feeling and empower every Absoluter on their own haircare journey.

Partnered with a healthy, balanced diet, marine collagen supports your hair, and could hold the key to managing your mane, making it easier to style. That’s why we only use premium marine collagen within our supplement, to guarantee the absolute best results for our community.

How should I use collagen for hair?

A daily dose of collagen can go a long way to support your hair, and it’s so easy to take! One sachet is an easy win to enrich your everyday routine with 8,000mg of premium collagen. Either take it straight from the sachet or wash it down with a yogurt, coffee, a smoothie, or tea.

Infographic explaining how to take Absolute Collagen

What does collagen do for women?

Collagen is more than an average ‘beauty buzzword’, with a range of benefits for skin and nails as well as hair. By boosting your body’s natural collagen production, you can reduce wrinkles and fine lines while providing your complexion with that hard-to-get glow. Additionally, you could also banish brittle nails!

Our favourite benefit of collagen, however, comes in the form of a confidence boost. With our AC community, we empower each and every woman to feel their absolute best every day!

How long does it take for collagen to work for hair?

The most important thing to remember when starting your AC journey is that everyone reacts differently. Our bodies are all wonderfully, uniquely ours, and so the collagen will first go where it’s needed most - which varies from person to person. The timeline and effects will differ between people - and we think that’s pretty amazing!

Infographic describing how long it takes to see results with Absolute Collagen

In a survey of our Absoluters, however, we found that 78% recorded results within 12 weeks, with 83% reporting thicker or shinier hair. This means that with a consistent daily dose, it won’t be long before you’re enjoying your absolute best hair days.

Plus... did you know we now have our own collagen haircare, too?

Watch our resident trichologist and top UK hair specialist Eva Proudman explain how Absolute Collagen helps with women's hair growth in the video below


Remember to keep us up to date with your progress and if you’ve got any questions, we’ve got answers! Just get in touch with our friendly team.