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Is Collagen Good For Hair?
March 25, 2022

Is Collagen Good For Hair?

9 mins read By Chloe De Lullington

You may have heard of collagen's many benefits for skin - but did you know it's equally important for your hair, too? Find out more here!

Here at Absolute Collagen we often speak about the benefits of boosting your skincare regime with a one nifty sachet and the perks of collagen for your complexion. But another benefit of our award-winning supplement might surprise you… gorgeous, glossier, thicker-looking hair.

So, is collagen good for hair? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Our Absoluters love their daily dose of Absolute Collagen for their hair, and we love hearing from them (read on for the reviews)!

Adding a kick of collagen to your diet can boost your hair, and we’re on a mission to help all our Absoluters feel their absolute best: we want you to bid goodbye to bad hair days and truly love your locks.

What is collagen made of?

First things first, what actually is collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein that makes up 70% of our dry-mass skin content. It’s a glue-like substance that keeps most structural elements of our bodies moving. In fact, “collagen” comes from the Greek word for glue, “kolla”. (This also explains the syrupy consistency and texture of our collagen supplement.)

Collagen is found in lots of places in our bodies, including connective tissue, but it’s also become a beauty buzzword as it’s found in our skin, nails, and hair. In short, collagen is a true powerhouse, helping you look and feel fabulous inside and out.

How much collagen per day do I need for hair growth?

Throughout our lifetimes, our hair cells continue to go through a hair growth cycle. This consists of four different phases, each being fuelled by important proteins and amino acids that help you produce the luscious lengths you have today. However, when it comes to hair, our bodies don’t always have our backs.

When we’re not getting enough protein and amino acids, the first thing biology gives the chop (so to speak!) is our hair. That’s where we come in! Each 10ml sachet of Absolute Collagen contains 8000mg of premium marine collagen, 7.7g of protein, and all the essential amino acids that your hair requires.

Infographic explaining why Absolute Collagen benefits hair

A consumer study actually found that 83% of Absoluters said their hair was thicker or shinier after using Absolute Collagen, with 78% noticing results in just 12 weeks. Not only that, but with the weight off their shoulders, 64% of Absoluters reported feeling better in themselves – meaning another mission accomplished for Maxine.

How does collagen help hair?

By keeping your body topped up with the essential amino acids your hair needs to thrive you can free yourself of hair worries and focus on looking and feeling your absolute best. Learn more about the science with our resident hair expert and top trichologist Eva Proudman MIT IAT, seen here in conversation with AC co-founder Maxine Laceby.

Collagen for hair: before and afters

Don’t just take our word for it - we’re handing over to our fabulous Absoluters to share their hair journeys. Check out our blogs from Absoluters Michele and Nina plus our many other reviews - like these amazing testimonials from Jo R and Rachel H, who are both loving Absolute Collagen for their hair.

Before and after image of a smiling white woman alongside a testimonial that Absolute Collagen has helped her hairPhoto of a smiling white middle aged woman with a fringe and stethoscope, holding a sachet of Absolute Collagen. Beside her is a testimonial about how Absolute Collagen helped her skin and hair.Try Absolute Collagen for yourself and get ready to feel your absolute best!

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