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My Absolute Collagen Journey - Michele

Join gorgeous Absoluter Michele as we follow her Absolute Collagen journey and hear how Absolute Collagen helped her uncover new levels of self confidence!

October 21, 2021

Photo of a smiling Black woman with an Afro tied back with a dark scarf, she is wearing a stripy top and holding a yellow sachet of Absolute Collagen to the camera

October 21, 2021

Welcome back to the My AC Journey series, where we hand over to YOU, the Absoluter. We’ve heard from Nina and Lara, and now it’s Michele’s turn.

Michele actually kept us updated at regular intervals over the course of her journey from the very first month of taking Absolute Collagen, and we’re thrilled that she’s agreed to share her experiences with you too. Not only has she seen great results for skin, hair and nails, but the Vitamin C rich content of Absolute Collagen has helped with a reduction of tiredness, giving Michele more energy!

Meet Michele and follow her Absolute Collagen journey below.

Skin and Hair Improvements in the First Month

I’ve been taking Absolute Collagen now for nearly one month - I’m just about to finish my second box. So, what’s happened so far?

Well, I used to have a dry patch of skin on my stomach, and it used to irritate me quite a bit. That has now completely gone (thank goodness, because it was really annoying!) and the skin has begun to smooth over. I put it all down to taking this product!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is the quality of my hair. Last week, for the first time in two years, I wore my hair down! There’s been quite a lot of changes with my hair, due to menopausal hormonal changes, and my hair has been shedding, it really thinned out, and I hadn’t really been able to wear it down. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that the texture’s changed, I’m seeing new growth, and it’s a lot thicker, and I have the confidence to wear my hair down again! I put all these changes down to taking Absolute Collagen!

Feeling More Energetic Six Weeks In

I have now hit the six week mark with taking this absolute beauty, Absolute Collagen!

My energy levels have increased, and I’m feeling really, really good. I had been feeling really run down because of the menopause.

My hair is so much thicker and has much more body. It’s totally and absolutely amazing!

My skin is so dewy, and just looking really great.

I’m Saving Money on Nail Care!

And there’s another thing - my nails! They’re not splitting any more, and they’re growing like weeds! They’re growing so quickly, and looking fantastic.

I was actually thinking about getting some tips about six weeks ago, because of the way they were splitting, and flaking, and just really, really dry - but I don’t have to do that any more, so that’s actually saved me a lot of money, which of course is really positive.

This stuff is amazing, and I’m going to continue to take it.

New Levels of Self Confidence at Eight Weeks

So I’ve now been taking this wonderful product for eight weeks. This year, I reached the grand age of fifty, and I’m currently going through the menopause. As I mentioned before, I had noticed quite a few negative impacts that the menopause had had on my hair, and I’d stopped wearing my hair down. It really had a major impact on my confidence.

Now, though, I’m able to wear my Afro down, and my confidence… wow, this has really given me a real confidence boost! We’re women, and hair is important to us - it’s definitely important to me. I’m really grateful, and thankful, and just so glad I’ve started taking Absolute Collagen.

Navigating the Menopause with Absolute Collagen

My skin is just getting better and better, too.

Before and after images of Michele, a Black woman, taken 11 months apart. In the before, she has duller skin; in the after, her skin is glowing and she holds up a yellow sachet of Absolute Collagen

Going through the menopause has had a major impact on both my hair and my skin, and both are improving. As for my skin - I believe it’s glowing! I think it’s looking really, really good, and I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

My message to you is if you’re having a few issues with your hair, or a few issues with your skin, you’re not going to be disappointed taking Absolute Collagen.

I’ll Never Stop Taking Absolute Collagen!

So, I’ve now been taking Absolute Collagen for coming up to thirteen weeks, and I just want to say, I’ll never stop taking this product.

I’ve been totally blown away by it - I always knew that it would help, but what I didn’t know was that the benefits would just be SO GOOD!

I’m feeling totally energised, just so full of energy, which is something that’s so important to me. And then there’s the added benefit of having great skin, my hair improving, having great nails… I’m never going to go back! I’m just feeling really, really good, and I just want to thank the Absolute Collagen team, thank Maxine, thank all of them for just producing such a wonderful product. I’m looking forward to seeing new product releases, and I’ll support you guys all the way!

We’re so thrilled to hear Michele’s amazing review and fantastic results - her AC journey really sums up why we do what we do here at AC HQ!

If you’re inspired by Michele’s Absolute Collagen journey, why not start your own? Subscribe and save today, and become an Absoluter.

And if you’re already an Absoluter with a story to share, please get in touch! We’d absolutely love to hear from you.