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Should Males Take Collagen?
May 11, 2022

Should Males Take Collagen?

6 mins read By Chloe De Lullington Men

Great skin, hair, and nails shouldn’t just be exclusive to women. By taking a daily collagen supplement, men can enjoy these amazing benefits too! Find out if men can take collagen supplements and the benefits of collagen for men, below.

3 Reasons Men Should Take Collagen

1. Collagen reduces the appearance of male wrinkles

Collagen is the most prevalent and largest protein in the human body, accounting for 70% of our dry weight. So naturally, once the collagen levels in our body start to decline, our skin begins to suffer by looking dull and showing signs of ageing with wrinkles and fine lines. 

By taking male collagen supplements, you can better support your skin cells and minimise those signs of ageing. That’s because collagen stimulates cells known as fibroblasts in the middle later of our skin (also known as the dermis), which is where the production of a new skin matrix takes place.  

Image of infographic showing how vitamin C and enzymes create collagen

In fact, in a consumer study conducted on 714 Absoluters, 90% of those taking collagen supplements noticed an increase in skin hydration and 92% experienced a change in softer skin texture in just 6 weeks. This is based off women and men taking a 10ml collagen dose as part of their subscription pack.

Image of Customer reviews of Absolute Collagen mens collagen supplements

See more of our before and after collagen supplement stories here to answer the question of ‘can men take collagen?’. 

2. Collagen helps to tackle male hair loss 

Balding and hair loss is a common issue amongst men, potentially impacting confidence and self-esteem. Whether it’s a receding hairline or general thinning of hair strands, studies show that 66% of men begin to lose hair by the time they reach 35 years old, which rises to 80% upon reaching the age of 50. 

Image of Main causes of male pattern hair loss and how collagen can help

Men’s collagen is instrumental in helping hair follicles stay strong - just one of the many collagen benefits for men. Alongside liquid collagen supplements, collagen infused shampoo and conditioner for thicker hair is the dream pairing  for men seeking stronger hair as they get older. 

Don’t just take our word for it, either. Our resident trichologist, Eva Proudman, conducted a clinical trial into Absolute Collagen’s shampoo and conditioner, where our Absoluters saw a 20% increase in the thickness of their hair within just 8 weeks.  

3. Collagen helps men’s hair grow thicker and healthier 

The collagen benefits for men continue in the hair department, even for those without the experience of male hair loss. If you simply want to wave goodbye to bad hair days, incorporating just a small amount of collagen shampoo into your normal haircare routine can lead to thicker and fuller hair.  

Just take a look at our men’s collagen shampoo and conditioner combo. This specialised formula contains all the essential amino acids that your hair needs in order to look and feel its absolute best. Amino acids are responsible for the strength and elasticity of men’s hair, helping to support the natural growth cycle of healthier hair and is fantastic for dealing with male hair loss.  

Image of amino acids in Absolute Collagen marine collagen products

What’s the best collagen for men? 

Now that you know the incredible benefits of collagen for men and whether males should take collagen, it's clear to see that one of the best types of collagen for men is liquid collagen.

This is because it can be taken in higher doses and therefore can have a greater effect on the appearance of male wrinkles and hair follicles than other forms. It is also easier to digest which can make keeping up with regular doses that much simpler - and that much more effective! 

Want to read more about male collagen? Take a look at our helpful articles about how much collagen a man should take, results of taking male collagen, and which type of collagen is best suited to you.

Otherwise, get ahead of the curve and Subscribe to become an Absoluter today and enjoy incredible subscriber discounts across our range.  


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