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Image of Anita and Maxine explaining the colour chart
February 10, 2023

What Should You Wear In Your Fifties?

5 min read By Nisha Patel

As we age, we find our style often evolves too. It may be opting for more colour, toning it down with neutrals or championing some bold prints. But, do we always feel confident and comfortable in what we wear? Maxine sat down with award-winning stylist Anita Feron Clark to talk all things fashion and style. Read on to find out more...

Styling Tips & Tricks for Over 50’s with Award-Winning Stylist and Image Consultant Anita Feron Clark.

Style is subjective and personal to everyone. The older we get the more we tend to experiment with colour, patterns and the latest fashion trends. But, even as we age our style is always evolving and we may not feel as confident and comfortable in certain clothing as we mature, making it even more difficult to know how we should style ourselves.

Luckily, we’ve collaborated with top industry and multi award-winning stylist Anita Feron Clark to get her expert advice and tips on how to discover what looks work best for you.

Who is Anita Feron Clark?

Anita is an award-winning stylist and image consultant who is an expert in all things fashion. She has worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry for over 28 years, and was also a lecturer at the London College of Fashion. As a self-confessed colour geek and one of the UK’s leading image consultants, Anita is definitely the right person for some styling tips and tricks. 

Using a stylist

Absolute Collagen co-founder Maxine Laceby says she struggles with knowing how to wear colour and incorporating it into her everyday wardrobe, and asked Anita to help her figure out which colours, patterns and prints compliment her look and skin tone. Anita formulated a personalised colour chart for Maxine, incorporating factors like her hair colour, skin undertone and body shape to determine what the perfect colour palette for Maxine is.

Image of Maxine and Anita with the colour chart

As well as giving Maxine personal styling tips, Anita also shared insightful advice and tricks on small changes you can be making to your wardrobe, so that you have outfits fit for any occasion.

Check out her incredible recommendations with Maxine:

Picking a Colour for your Skin Tone - Absolute Collagen’s Maxine’s Colour Palette 

After considering all the factors that go into making a colour chart, Anita found that Maxine is best suited to blues, pinks and a variety of neutral colours. This really allowed Maxine to re-evaluate her style and know what to look for when shopping for new garments. 

Upon listening to the incredible suggestions made by Anita, Maxine abided by her colour palette and opted for this fun and vibrant pink dress for our AC Christmas party and felt absolutely fabulous! 

Image of Maxine is a fun pink dress

Anita’s amazing tips and generosity does not end here. We have partnered with her for a fun giveaway as part of “Random Acts of Kindness Day” on February 17th, where we will be giving away some incredible prizes. We will be announcing this very soon on our socials so make sure to follow us @AbsoluteCollagen and stay tuned for more. 

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