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October 12, 2022


3 mins By Nisha Patel news

Absolute Collagen is proud to announce that we are now a Carbon Neutral Company! Read more to find out how we achieved this amazing certification and learn more about the incredible initiatives that we are supporting.

As one of our biggest company achievements, we are thrilled to announce that Absolute Collagen is now officially a Carbon Neutral Company!

As exciting as this news is, some of you may be wondering what exactly does the phrase “Carbon Neutral Company” mean and how does this impact the planet for the better?

What does being a “Carbon Neutral Company” mean?

To be a Carbon Neutral Company, a business must offset the same amount of greenhouse gases that they produce. In order to do this, we have collaborated with ClimatePartner to aid third-party carbon offsetting initiatives around the world!

Our projects

Our carbon journey may be new, but we are already heavily involved in two incredible environmental projects. 

The first one is Social Impact Nationwide India which gives out microcredits to the 700 million people in India who currently cook over open-flame fires, giving them the opportunity to purchase energy efficient cooking stoves and lights. 

Image of Social Impact Nationwide Initiative


The second project we are a part of is the Plastic Bank Initiative. Here, we will stop 10kg of plastic waste from contaminating and polluting the ocean for every ton of carbon that we offset. This not only leads to cleaner oceans but also better quality water for the local residents!

Image of Plastic bank initiative

Absolute Collagen are so proud to be partnering with and supporting these inspirational  projects. You can read more about the goals and promises of the Plastic Bank Initiative here and Social Impact Nationwide India here! To read more about Absolute Collagen’s collaboration with ClimatePartner, click here.

People, Partners and Promises 

Alongside the initiatives we are supporting, we are also making drastic changes to our business, the biggest being our goal to make all of our products and external packaging completely recyclable and refillable by 2030. 

We also aim to only use materials that are sustainably sourced and certified, with no scarce resources involved. Our other pledges include reducing our production of greenhouse gases, switching to more renewable energy sources, using low emissions raw materials, keeping our products cruelty free and only liaising with suppliers whose views and work align with our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. 

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) will ensure that our business operations and impact on the environment will be handled effectively and managed with a responsible, sustainable and ethical approach.

Even with this incredible achievement, our pledge to the environment and the fight against global climate change doesn’t stop there. As a brand, we are always looking for more ways that we can take part in supporting amazing causes. 

To find out more about our progress so far and what Absolute Collagen are doing to further help the environment and community, check out our sustainability page here.

If you would like more information or have an idea to help us with our plans, we’d love to hear from you! You can send us an email via our contact form or phone us on 020 3962 0370 from Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday - Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm  💛

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