November 07, 2017

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Collagen is a natural amino-acid that most of us already know is good for our skin. But did you know collagen is equally as good for the hair?

Hair is big beauty news of late. Hair growth shampoos, hair salons and hair products seem to pop up daily on our social news feeds. Hair extension practices have enabled women to get the ultimate long Kardashian-look within hours – but how can you improve the natural hair on your head?

Woman combing healthy hair after taking collagen

The loss of collagen in our bodies as we age makes our hair more vulnerable to breakage and loss. Taking a collagen supplement can help to replace this lost collagen, thus increasing your body’s hair building proteins.

Collagen is the building block of the hair, affecting the hair quality and structure – and taking a collagen supplement can prompt your body to produce more collagen. Clinical studies have shown that putting collagen into the bloodstream provides a bio-available source of these amino-acids, which helps the body to naturally produce more.

Fuse Salon Owner Amy Millichip said: “Collagen is really important for keeping hair strong, smooth and shiny. I have noticed a client who uses Absolute Collagen has really good, healthy hair – and it’s growing really fast too!”

The latest trends for rainbow-coloured hair, pastels and rose golds means that more and more ladies are hitting the bleach to get the lift necessary for these hues. The problem is that bleach can dry out the hair – making it prone to break. Collagen has actually been effective in treating dry, brittle hair – helping to maintain healthy moisture levels.


This is because hydrolysed collagen will bind moisture to your hair by attracting and retaining it there. This will starve breakage and allow the hair to continue to grow.

Absolute Collagen user Sheila Wood said: “I noticed a huge improvement in my hair as it was very dry and is now quite shiny!”

When we take a liquid collagen supplement it travels through the intestinal barrier and releases into the bloodstream in about an hour. It then travels to the cells where it is needed. Hair follicle cells use the collagen amino-acids to make keratin protein which ensures your hair gets the nutrients it needs and helps it to grow faster.

Image of a beautiful, healthy woman who drinks collagen

Top trichologist Eva Proudman of UK Hair Specialists recently ran her own trial of Absolute Collagen and said: “Oh my goodness! Everyone is reporting smoother hair, less tangling, more shine – one lady has really coarse hair and its smooth after two weeks!”

So if you are looking to get stronger, healthier hair – keep taking Absolute Collagen!

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Julie Preece
Julie Preece

November 13, 2017

Mine grows much faster. I have to have it cut every 6 weeks now instead of 8 weeks. Nails grow faster too. Wonderful stuff.

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