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August 15, 2021

Feel Your Absolute Best on National Relaxation Day

3 mins By Chloe De Lullington absoluters

This National Relaxation Day, join Team AC for some top tips on how to relax and feel your absolute best!

August 15th 2021 is National Relaxation Day, and as we’re all about feeling your absolute best, it’s a day we like to celebrate.

It’s pretty self-explanatory - National Relaxation Day is all about taking time to look after yourself and enjoying some self-care in the midst of our hectic modern lives.

We all deserve to feel good, so here’s just a few top tips from Team AC on how to feel your absolute best on National Relaxation Day and beyond!

Team AC’s Top Self Care Tips!

It’s important to start the day right - it sets the tone for the rest of your day, after all. Having a good start to the morning is an easy win for self care, too, as it will boost your mood and help you feel calm and invigorated - and ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day holds!

Here are some of Team AC’s top tips for starting the day right:

  • Do some stretches - gently get your body ready for the day ahead with some gentle stretches.
  • Write a to-do list - the equivalent of gentle morning stretches for the brain, a to-do list will help you gather your thoughts and make plans for the day, however busy it is!
  • Listen to your favourite song - and maybe have a dance as well, or try some karaoke in the shower!
  • Send someone a nice message - making someone else’s day better always helps make your own day that little bit nicer too. That’s what we’re all about in our Absoluters Facebook group, too!
  • Take your Absolute Collagen - although you can take it any time of day, we have lots of Absoluters who love starting the morning off with their daily dose.
  • Remember your skincare - whatever your skincare routine, don’t forget to cleanse, apply Maxerum, and keep up that SPF all year round for the best protection from UV rays. You’ll look good and feel great!

A Daily Dose of Goodness with Absolute Collagen

We think it’s important to take some “me time” every day, not just National Relaxation Day, and as we mentioned above, what better way to take a moment for yourself than with a daily dose of goodness from Absolute Collagen? With 8000mg of premium collagen ready mixed and ready to take straight from the sachet, we’ve made it super convenient for you to take anywhere, any time.

We love hearing all the wonderful testimonials from our happy Absoluters, who swear by their daily dose for helping them feel their absolute best!

Join the Absoluter community and start feeling your absolute best with Absolute Collagen!

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