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August 27, 2020

Collagen for Skin: The Top 5 Absolute Benefits

7 mins read By Darcy Laceby skin

Taking a collagen supplement offers many benefits to your skin. We share some of the results here in our latest blog post.

Collagen is pretty powerful stuff. While collagen is produced naturally in the body during our early life, it starts to deplete from the age of 25 onwards, contributing to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Our customers at Absolute Collagen do, however, report some fantastic skin results from taking our liquid collagen supplements. In fact, our Absoluters were only too happy to share their success stories and reported collagen benefits for their skin!

But first, let’s take a quick look at the science behind collagen and how it helps different parts of the body, with our helpful graphic, below:

With the sciencey bits out the way, we can now focus on the specifics of why collagen is good for your skin, according to our Absoluters!

1. Absolute Collagen and skin: Deals with dryness

Dry skin is a common problem that many of us contend with on a daily basis (especially for those going through the menopause), despite the best efforts of our skin care routines. Those harsh British winter months don’t do our skin any favours either!

Fortunately, many of our customers have commented on the collagen benefits for skin hydration! Our lovely Absoluters, Carolyn and Grainne, certainly agree that an Absolute Collagen skin care products has helped them to substitute dry, dehydrated skin for dewy, plump skin:

2. Absolute Collagen and skin: Sorts out sunken eyes

Even if you’ve had a solid eight hours of sleep, sunken, hollow or puffy eyes can persist – making you look tired and run down.

The cause of sunken eyes, known medically as tear trough hollows, can be due to various factors including dehydration, low vitamin levels, genetics, allergies or being a smoker. Collagen loss, which occurs as we age, is also a factor. As the skin here is so delicate, it is often the most noticeable place for this loss to occur on the body. It also explains why it is common for the colour of the skin surrounding the eye to be darker than elsewhere on the face.

However, Absoluter Louis says it took just 2 weeks for him to notice the Absolute Collagen benefits for his face and under-eye area after taking our men’s collagen supplement: “My face started to look better. Normally I have terrible bags under my eyes and forever look tired. I haven’t got any more sleep than normal, although the bags have slightly reduced.”

3. Absolute Collagen and skin: Smooths noticeable lines

Here at Absolute Collagen, we believe ageing is something to be celebrated rather than feared. Laughter lines, in particular, represent happiness, beauty, and wonderful life experiences.

We understand, though, that some people find it hard to embrace the signs of ageing and turn to help from Absolute Collagen for wrinkles, marionette lines, or crow’s feet. Well, check out what some of our Absoluters have to say about what collagen does for your skin based on their experiences, below:

4. Absolute Collagen and skin: Gain a gorgeous glow

Who doesn’t love a fresh, radiant, and bright complexion? Sadly, as we get older, we become more vulnerable to a loss of firmness and dull skin. However, according to our customers, the Absolute Collagen benefits for skin include giving a gorgeous glow to skin complexion, as detailed below:


5. Absolute Collagen and skin: Support your scalp 

While often forgotten, your skin care routine should also support your scalp, nourishing and revitalising the skin on top of your head.

Well, our expert-led hair trial revealed that taking Absolute Collagen can help soothe and calm inflamed, itchy, and scaly scalps. Our Absoluters have also reported the Absolute Collagen benefits for the skin on their scalp, as shown by the before and after image, below:

Have you noticed any collagen benefits for skin when you take Absolute Collagen? Our collagen supplements can also have other advantages when taken daily. To find out more, take a look at our clinical trials case study or head over to our what is collagen page.

Or, if you have any pressing questions about what collagen does for skin, get in touch with us today. We always love hearing from you!

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Article written by Darcy Laceby
This blog post is written by Darcy Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen and Maxine’s daughter. Featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2022, Darcy is very involved with all aspects of the brand and is an expert in all things collagen and product development.

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