August 09, 2018

Have you seen us popping up on Instagram recently?

We’ve had a ton of new #Absoluter influencers taking a dose of beauty, and they have nothing but nice things to say!

Here are just a few of the great comments we’ve seen on social last month:


Meet Jamie, one of our #Absoluters. She LOVES her daily dose of beauty, and here’s why!

“With supplements, I have to constantly remind myself to take them and sometimes I forget.

However, I've been using the Absolute Collagen sachets which are on-the-go collagen supplements that you can either just take directly from the sachet (the consistency is like a syrup) or mix with warm water .

You just need one a day and it's so easy to fit them into a busy lifestyle (trust me, I know). We lose collagen as we age (sorry, it's a fact of life) so this is an easy way to top up your collagen levels on the go!”

  London blogger Skirmy also can’t stop raving about his daily skincare ritual.

Here's what he had to say: “After being an #Absoluter for over 8 weeks now, I’ve noticed changes in my skin’s moisture and I look my very best (a.k.a. prime time, yayyy). You can’t turn back time but you can slow down the ageing process with Absolute Collagen."

Charlie the dog loves Absolute Collagen's drinkable supplements

And, of course, we can’t forget the most famous #Influencer of all...Charlie the dog!

He’s an #Absoluter for life, thanks to his owner Mark, who’s also the daily dose of beauty and loving the results.

He says: “ My skin is intip-top condition! My nails are healthy, and even though I have a thick head of shiny hair it has undoubtedly improved since using #absolutecollagen I am now on my second box and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

So there you have it...the skincare supplement Instagram can’t get enough of!

If you’re an #Absoluter, don’t be shy! Share your pics and thoughts with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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