July 03, 2018

We get many queries asking if taking collagen can REALLY benefit our hair, skin and nails and the answer is YES.

Studies have shown that when taken in liquid form, the absorption rate of collagen peptides is 90-95% (much higher than that of tablet form which is just 30-40%). This is because liquid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream ensuring high absorption of active ingredients. The hydrolysed collagen then triggers the body’s natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production - so in short, your body recognises the collagen and produces MORE collagen!



Everyone is different and results will vary from person to person.

'3 days in and my skin already looks and feels better. Loving it!' said Tami.

“Have been off these for a few months...was skeptical about whether they really did work BUT my nails are splitting and getting softer, so just placed a subscription!” said Mary.

‘My hair has really thickened up!’ said Alison.

Within the first week of taking Absolute Collagen on a daily basis, people on our trials started noticing positive results.

After 3-4 weeks most people started to feel an improvement in skin texture such as softer and more hydrated skin.

After 5-6 weeks most people said their skin looked noticeably smoother and fuller, with an increased glow.

After 12 weeks of continually taking Absolute Collagen fine lines and wrinkles began to look softer, skin took on a firmer feel with a fuller, plumper appearance. Month by month with constant daily use skin begins to look more youthful.

Your hair and nails will also greatly benefit from daily consumption of Absolute Collagen. You’ll notice your hair thickening and strengthening, transforming thin hair, as well as a faster growth rate. This also applies to your nails as Absolute Collagen replenishes collagen levels in your body leading to stronger and healthier nails, significantly improving weak or brittle nails.

For more amazing testimonials visit https://www.absolutecollagen.com/pages/testimonials

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