May 03, 2018

It’s always great to hear from our #Absoluters who love Absolute Collagen.

We absolutely adored Amina Maz’s video she made for her YouTube channel where she reviewed Absolute Collagen sachets after taking them for four weeks.

We were so pleased to hear about the great results Amina had with Absolute Collagen.

She put our liquid collagen supplements in her smoothies every day and saw a huge difference in the texture of her hair. She also felt that her nails became stronger when they had originally been quite weak and brittle, plus Absolute Collagen helped her put on muscle and become leaner.

After taking Absolute Collagen for just two weeks, Amina had already noticed some differences in the way her face looked and felt, plus a healthier, more hydrated texture to her skin.

You can watch Amina’s fabulous video below:


If you’d like to try Absolute Collagen, click here to view our convenient, ready-mixed sachets. We offer a 14-day or 28-day subscription!

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