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Biotin vs Collagen: How Do They Differ?
October 19, 2023

Biotin vs Collagen: How Do They Differ?

5 mins to read By Jennifer Williams collagen

The benefits of both biotin and collagen are extensive, so it’s no surprise so many of our Absoluters wonder how the two differ. Maybe you’re wondering whether you can take biotin and collagen together or how biotin benefits for hair compare to collagen. So, to answer all your biotin vs collagen questions, we’ve condensed everything you need to know about biotin and collagen, below.

What is biotin?

Before we get into the differences between biotin and collagen, let’s first quickly talk about taking biotin as a supplement and how it affects your body. 

Biotin is a B-complex essential vitamin used by our bodies for several functions, mainly to help us break down (metabolise) fats, and aid the strength and growth of our hair, nails, and skin. In simple terms, biotin helps our body convert the food we eat into energy and keeps us looking our best!

However, as biotin is an essential vitamin, it is not naturally produced by our bodies. A number of studies suggest taking biotin as a supplement or enjoying more biotin rich foods - like fish, egg yolks, or nuts - to experience its full benefits. 

Image of biotin-rich foods


What is collagen?

So, now you know what biotin is, you might now be asking yourself - well, what is collagen?

Unlike biotin, collagen is a protein produced naturally by our bodies - and rather abundantly too! To quickly touch on the science behind collagen, around 30% of our body's protein content is made from collagen, which helps our bodies form connective tissue in bone, tendons, cartilage, and skin.

However, our body’s production of collagen starts to naturally deplete around the age of 25. Other lifestyle choices can also impact our natural collagen production, such as smoking, too much sun or UV ray exposure, and not getting enough sleep.  

Biotin vs collagen

Are biotin and collagen the same? The short answer is no - biotin is not the same as collagen. 

While both biotin and collagen support various cosmetic strengths and growth, there are differences between the way they’re supplemented, and the benefits offered. 

Most people take biotin for hair and nails, supporting the growth and strength of both. In particular, biotin is good for hair as the production of keratin - the protein that helps to keep your hair growing healthy and strong - is boosted by biotin. 

And while Absoluters do take collagen for hair and nails too, it is typically thought of as a skincare product. For example, in our clinical trials study, 100% of participants not only experienced improvements in skin evenness after taking Absolute Collagen, but also improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

What’s more, while you can supplement biotin into your diet through eating biotin-rich products, the foods that contain collagen are not typically foods we eat. Collagen can be found in meat offcuts like ligaments, tendons, or organs. Instead, it’s easier to ingest hydrolysed collagen in liquid or tablet form!

Can you take biotin and collagen together?

Many of our Absoluters ask whether they can take biotin and collagen together and the answer is - yes, you can take biotin and collagen together!

While they both support similar cosmetic health, growth, and strength, taking them together won’t cause you any harm at all, and may help to better target specific areas. 

Taking collagen can give you specific additional vitamins that you won’t find in biotin though. For example, our Absolute Collagen contains vitamin C which aids a range of health and cosmetic benefits, helping to maintaining energy levels and keep you in high spirits throughout the day!

Want to find out more about biotin and collagen? Or maybe you’re still weighing up the differences between taking collagen or biotin for skin? Get in touch with us today and let us guide you through any more questions about biotin vs collagen.

Alternatively, you can take a look at our liquid collagen supplements and become one of our success stories, if you want to start your Absolute Collagen journey today!

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