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Biotin vs Collagen: How Do They Differ?
November 16, 2022

Biotin vs Collagen: How Do They Differ?

5 mins to read By Jennifer Williams collagen

The benefits of both collagen and biotin are extensive, so it’s no wonder why so many of our Absoluters ask about how they differ and if they should be taking both! We’ve condensed everything you need to know about these two popular supplements below.

What is biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7, is a water-soluble vitamin needed by our bodies to help break down (metabolise) fats, carbohydrates and amino acids to be converted into energy. Similar to collagen, biotin is one of the most commonly used supplements for skin, hair and nail support, but unlike collagen, biotin is not naturally produced by our bodies.

Image of biotin-rich foods

A number of studies have shown that if you are low or deficient in biotin, then supplementing it with biotin tablets can help to support your hair, skin and nails. However due to its vast availability through diet alone, it’s very rare for people to be deficient in biotin, whereas it’s much more common to be deficient in Vitamin B6 or Vitamin B12.

Is biotin the same as collagen?

The short answer is no - collagen is a protein molecule made up of amino acids, whereas biotin is a B-complex vitamin.

What are the benefits of Absolute Collagen compared to biotin?

By using Absolute Collagen, you’ll be able to support your body’s natural collagen production and feel your absolute best every day. The peptides in our supplement are characterised by their high levels of specific amino acids including glycine, hydroxyproline, proline and alanine, delivering skin, hair and nail benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get from your diet alone. So, providing your skin, hair and nails with this unique profile of amino acids found in Absolute Collagen gives them all the best level of support!

At Absolute Collagen, we use the highest quality Type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen which undergoes a process that makes it super absorbable with a lower molecular weight. Hydrolysed collagen isn’t found in foods or other vitamin supplements, which is also what makes Absolute Collagen such a fantastic supplement to take.

Another notable benefit of Absolute Collagen you won’t find in biotin is the addition of Vitamin C, which contributes to maintaining your energy levels, preventing feelings of tiredness during the day, and also supports normal collagen formation for the normal functioning of skin. Plus, each of our liquid collagen sachets contain 7.7g of protein which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Image of Absolute Collagen ingredients

It’s also great to know that compared to biotin, collagen has a broader scope of research with promising results. In fact, a clinical study of ours conducted in 2021 found that 78% saw visible results in just 12 weeks of using Absolute Collagen daily!

How do I take Absolute Collagen?

Not only do our real Absoluters love our real results, but they also love how convenient our collagen is to take daily. Instead of being in tablet or gummy form like biotin, Absolute Collagen is available in liquid form in a small and easy-to-use sachet, all ready-mixed and packed with 8000mg of hydrolysed collagen - the UK’s most concentrated daily dose!

This means you can take our collagen straight from the sachet while you’re on the go, or even swirl it into coffee or your favourite flavoured tea. Some Absoluters even like to drizzle it onto their morning pancakes - yum! We’ve got plenty of collagen smoothie recipes and collagen breakfast recipes for you to try out!

The best part? We’ve developed several more award-winning collagen products which work in harmony with our collagen sachets, including our Collagen Complex Hair Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner and our Maxerum™ Collagen Booster Serum. Subscribe to our top-rated collagen supplement, haircare duo and serum today and find your absolute!

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