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Meet Our Experts
March 15, 2023

Meet Our Experts

Our team of experts at Absolute Collagen are dedicated to harnessing the power of collagen to promote a youthful, healthy appearance and lifestyle.

All of our formulas have been formulated by our team of experts as we are the only collagen-based brand to be backed with clinical proof and expertise.

Eva Proudman - Trichologist 

Eva Proudman FIT, IAT, WTS is a Clinical Trichologist, who specialises in all areas of hair and scalp health. 

With her very own Harley Street clinic, Eva is one of the UK’s leading hair specialists with over 20 years of industry experience. Working as a consultant here at Absolute Collagen, we are proud to have one the UK’s best hair experts work with us as Absolute Collagen’s resident trichologist. 

Combining her extensive knowledge of scalp health with her passion for all things hair, Eva worked with us as the lead specialist to develop and formulate our award-winning Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.

Dr Dave Reilly 

Dr Dave Reilly, PhD, is the Senior Scientist, Clinical Trials Manager and NPD Lead at Absolute Collagen. 

With a PhD in Biochemistry, Dr Reilly has worked in the Skincare and Life Sciences R&D industry for over 30 years, driving insight and innovation across several expertise areas including skin ageing, sensitive skin, pigmentation, dandruff and hair growth. 

His knowledge and experience base covers a broad range of in vitro, ex vivo and clinical validation combined with product development. 
His work has also been published with a total of 20 publications, the most recent being "Collagen through the life stages” released in 2021.

Darcy Laceby

Alongside being our co-founder, Darcy Laceby is also a collagen expert! 

Her love for food is actually how Absolute Collagen became the award-winning supplement it is today. Through her Food Development and Innovation degree from University College Birmingham, Darcy was able to apply her knowledge of science to Maxine’s original bone broth recipe and make Absolute Collagen more nutritional and healthier. 

From lab testing to product formulation, Darcy joined Absolute Collagen as our Chief People and Product Officer ultimately leading to the development of our award-winning skincare and hair care range too. 

Dr Ne Win - Dermatologist

Senior Dermatologist and Clinical Researcher at The University Hospital of Plymouth, Dr Thurein Ne Win combines 20 years of medical practice with his love for all things skin and beauty - making him one of Absolute Collagen’s amazing experts.
Specialising in medical conditions that concern the skin, Dr Ne Win’s medical opinion is highly regarded and his knowledge on skin issues makes him the perfect resident dermatologist here at Absolute Collagen.

As an Absoluter himself, Dr Ne Win recommends our award-winning Absolute Collagen supplement to help with replenishment of collagen in the skin, hair and nails.

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