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Maxine's August Round-Up: Family Holidays, Secret Photoshoots and our Trichologist Visit!
September 19, 2023

Maxine's August Round-Up: Family Holidays, Secret Photoshoots and our Trichologist Visit!

4 mins By Maxine Laceby By Maxine

Oh how I love August! The month of sun and holidays, so join me as I take you through all the excitement that this month has had to offer for me and my fabulous team.

I can’t tell you all how much I love a family holiday. It’s super important for us as a family who work together to be able to completely switch off and enjoy each other's company and to be able to do it together in sunny Crete was simply the best. This is something that if you know me, you know I can struggle with, to be able to take yourself away and simply relax doesn't necessarily come easy but my goodness does it feel good once you’ve cracked it. My girls have fled the nest now and because we don’t live together anymore it’s important that I get to spend quality time with them doing the things that WE love to do as a family. I’m incredibly grateful for these opportunities and I will hang on to every memory we make together. I hope you’ve all managed to get away this month with your families, and enjoyed yourself as much as I have! As the Greeks would say “Opa!’

Absoluter Photshoot

As you all know, our absoluters are at the very heart of AC and all that we do is for you guys. I cannot stress it enough how much our absoluters are valued and thought of in every decision that AC makes. That's why, when we have the chance to get you guys involved in exciting projects we make it happen!! I was so pleased so many of you wanted to get involved, it means so much! This was a very exciting shoot that the team has worked incredibly hard on and I cannot wait to share with you all what it is. Enjoy this little behind the scenes shot that the team captured. So watch this space! 👀

Trichologist Visit by Eva Proudman!

We had a very exciting visit from our resident Trichologist, Eva Proudman. She came into the AC HQ  and sat down to teach us about all things scalp and hair. It's so important to keep ourselves educated and up to date with the latest information on how collagen affects hair growth. This is what she had to say about the “self-cleaning” hair myth! 
“Is the hair self-cleaning? Absolutely not and more importantly, neither is the scalp! The hair and the scalp attract dirt and debris very easily, and this needs to be washed away just as we wash all the other areas of our body. Washing everyday or every other day is what is recommended for hair and scalp health!” It’s amazing what we are able to learn from her, she really is so knowledgeable and fabulous at what she does! 💆🏻‍♀️

As you all may know, I endeavoured on a bike ride from Pisa to Nice this summer. I want to thank everyone for their support and I would like to remind each and every one of you that achieving your absolute possibility is completely in your reach and if I can do it anyone can! Life is full of surprises and you never know what opportunities will arise that allow you to take control and strive to be absolutely great. You’ve got this! 💪🏻

Read about my adventure here!

September is looking VERY exciting for AC and I cannot wait to show you all what the team have been working tirelessly on, so keep your eyes peeled 👀 So, on that note I would like to finish this round-up by saying how much I love my family, my Laceby family, my AC family and my absoluter family. I cannot wait to catch up with you all next month! Bye! 👋🏻

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Article written by Maxine Laceby
This blog post is written by Maxine Laceby, co-founder of Absolute Collagen. Maxine founded Absolute Collagen at 50 years old, after experimenting with a recipe in her kitchen. She went from being a full-time mum to becoming a beauty business owner in a just a year. Now, an award-winning entrepreneur Maxine always puts our amazing Absoluters at the heart of everything we do.

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