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Isabel's Story - "I'm  grabbing opportunities - and throttles - with both hands!"
March 6, 2023

Isabel's Story - "I'm grabbing opportunities - and throttles - with both hands!"

I have lived a full and busy life. I was an actress, I worked in motorsports, I traveled the world… I turned 80 on my last birthday and I have no intention of stopping now.

I've volunteered in an orphanage in Nepal, spent a couple of weeks in Equador, and I hope to travel to Columbia later in the year.  I once went to Ethiopia, by accident… A dear Ethiopian friend of mine invited me to his wedding  - an invitation I gladly accepted.  I thought the wedding was in London however it turned out to be Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.  On consideration, I decided that as I’d never been before … why not!  So I went and had a great time.

My husband died 14 years ago, and for the last few years I have traveled to the US with my daughters. We hire motorbikes and travel the highways exploring the length and breadth of America.  Our most recent trip started in Vegas, took in the Grand Canyon, saw us ride through Death Valley, travel the Pacific Highway and explore San Francisco - my one concession is that I ride in the middle of our trio, so my girls can look after me.

It came to me as a bit of a shock when I finally retired, there was a moment of realisation that I didn’t know what I would do with myself.  But at the same time I could do anything.  The possibilities were laid out in front of me and I could explore my passions.

I like to remind people to live their life with passion - to find that thing that really matters to them, and to fill as much of their time with it as possible.  And retirement opens up a whole new chapter of possibilities - time can be a void if you let it, but also ripe with opportunity.   

When you reach my age, you start to realise that time isn’t endless - and so I intend to grab every opportunity with both hands and keep doing the things that make me happy, and to make the most of every single day.  


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