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Katherine's Story - "Medical professional by day, rock chick by night! I love being both!"
March 7, 2023

Katherine's Story - "Medical professional by day, rock chick by night! I love being both!"

I’ve always believed that if you have confidence in yourself you can achieve anything - and that’s how I am both a successful medical professional, and a rock artist!

Looking back on my life I sometimes amaze myself with what I’ve achieved - I had my third child whilst in the middle of my university studies.  Somehow I’d multitask and managed to feed and change the baby in breaks between lectures, I wanted everything from life - to be a mum, and to have a career with purpose.

I’ve been a sonographer for over 20 years (my full working title is “Advanced Practitioner Sonographer”), scanning women and babies in the best and, sometimes, worst moments.  It’s a privilege and something that I am very proud to do.  My job has a lot of responsibility, I can find myself writing reports that are life changing, but I’ve also known that I was more than my job.  I am a whole person.

Four years ago my then-partner introduced me to the world of making music - it started out that I was writing lyrics that he would perform, but I soon realised that I wanted to hear my words in my own voice, and I took to the microphone.  I adore performing, the freedom of being on stage and the ability to express myself - my colleagues thought I was a bit odd initially, but I truly believe that you can be whatever you want to be in life. I juggle my work as a sonographer and as a performer - at the age of 52 I am hoping to be signed to a recording company this year.

I focus on keeping my mind and my body fit - you have to go into every performance at your best as it can be tough performing as a solo artist running up and down the stage, but I love it.

I’ve always promised myself that whatever I set my mind to I will keep on going until I am successful - and I certainly have no plans to stop any time soon.

"My favourite AC product is the lemon collagen supplement that I take every morning with my coffee before work."

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