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6 Best Foods For Healthy Skin
April 19, 2024

6 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

2 mins By Darcy Laceby

Wondering what foods to include in your clear skin diet? Well, check out our top foods for clear skin, here.

When it comes to healthy skin, it’s not only skin care routines and vitamin supplements that can have an effect – there are tons of foods that are good for your skin as well! 

But when you’re walking through the stocked supermarket aisles, amongst all the shiny packets and fresh vegetables, it can be tricky to know which are the right foods for clear skin. So, to make your shopping trip easier, we’ve created a list of foods to eat for clear skin. 

Whether you’re after collagen-rich foods for skin or you want to know the best foods for skin repair, continue reading, below.

1. Beef bone broth

One of the best foods to introduce to your clear skin diet is beef bone broth, but why is this food so good for your skin? 

Well, beef bone broth is a collagen-rich food, and for skin you can’t get much better than a lovely, tasty dose of collagen. Not only is beef bone broth naturally high in collagen itself, but it also contains amino acids, an essential precursor to collagen formation!

From helping skin to keep that youthful glow to making your skin look brighter, collagen has tons of benefits for skin. In fact, 100% of users in our clinical trial reported an improvement to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just 12 weeks of taking our collagen supplements!

2. Fatty fish

Another excellent food for glowing skin is fatty fish – we’re talking salmon, herring, and mackerel. These fish help keep your skin supple and hydrated for a lovely glow. 

What makes fish such a good food for healthy skin is the omega-3 fatty acids they contain. These fatty acids can help to balance your skin's oil production, stave off dehydrated skin by increasing moisture levels, minimise signs of ageing, and help keep breakouts at bay! 

What’s more, if you suffer from sensitive skin or skin conditions such as acne, then omega-3 can help soothe irritated skin too. And if you’re after a more animal-friendly substitute for these fatty acids, you can try chia seeds, legumes, or spinach in your clear skin diet.

3. Avocados

One quite popular food for clear skin is avocados. Tasty, nutritious, and great as part of a clear skin diet, avocados are definitely one to consider adding to your shopping list or even chucking into a smoothie for a creamier taste!

Now, the reason avocados are such a good food for skin is the high levels of vitamin E and vitamin A they contain. In fact, it’s these vitamins that make avocados one of the best foods for skin repair specifically. 

Vitamin E has great antioxidant properties, helping to repair damage from spots and hyperpigmentation. And vitamin A helps stimulate epidermal turnover - the replacement of the top layer of skin for a fresher layer - helping your skin stay healthy and glowing.

4. Broccoli 

Broccoli is another example of a vitamin A-rich food for clear skin. However, broccoli also contains lots of zinc and vitamin C* too, both essential for keeping your skin healthy. 

Zinc is an enzyme cofactor which essentially means it helps assist collagen synthesis, helping your body’s natural production of collagen along. However, the high levels of vitamin C in broccoli also make it one of the best foods for clear skin. 

But why is vitamin C such a good food for skin? Well, this lovely little vitamin helps keep our cells healthy and protects them from oxidative stress - when the body cannot properly detoxify itself of harmful free radicals. This means your skin can protect itself that bit better.

*Each sachet of Absolute Collagen contains 60mg of vitamin C, which is 75% of your daily Nutrient Reference Value. Enjoy a daily dose of Absolute Collagen as part of a balanced, healthy diet and active lifestyle. 

5. Dark chocolate

It’s the news you’ve always wanted to hear – chocolate is a good food to eat for clear skin! Now, we don’t mean the milk kind, unfortunately, rather we’re talking about dark chocolate of at least 70%. 

A great antioxidant, dark chocolate helps protect your skin from damage. However, it also contains a wide array of healthy vitamins ideal as part of a clear skin diet. Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E can all be found in dark chocolate, and these have a myriad of benefits for your skin!

As it contains so many healthy vitamins, dark chocolate can help reduce inflammation, help diminish wrinkles, and boost blood circulation helping you get a lovely glow to your skin. What’s more, the flavanols (a natural compound) in dark chocolate can help skin elasticity as well - delicious and a great food for skin!

6. Green tea

And lastly, no meal is complete without a good cuppa to wash it down, and green tea is a great food for glowing skin. 

From reducing skin irritation, skin redness, and helping soothe inflammation - green tea works wonders as part of a clear skin diet! But if you’re not a big tea drinker, then green tea actually works just as well when applied directly to the skin as a face mask. 

To make a green tea face mask, simply mix a tablespoon of green tea powder with a dash of honey and yoghurt. Then, apply it to your face with a cotton ball and leave it for 15 minutes before washing off and continuing on with your regular serums and creams

And there you have it, our top 6 best foods to eat for clear skin. Are you looking for more top tips on skin care? Well, whether it be how serums like bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid help skin or how to get rid of dry skin, head over to our blog for it all! 

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