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December 5, 2023

Collagen And Food: What is The Most Effective Collagen Supplement?

3 mins By Chloe De Lullington collagen

Join us at Absolute Collagen as we delve into the world of high collagen foods and explore what is the best source of collagen: high collagen foods or collagen supplements?

At Absolute Collagen, we always love to talk about the benefits of collagen! After all, we’ve got the highest concentration of pure premium collagen in the smallest liquid dose on the market - and we want to keep our Absoluters informed about all things collagen!

Today, we’re going to talk about collagen boosting foods. More specifically, what foods are the best source of collagen, and whether collagen foods are the most effective collagen supplement or if collagen sachets are the better collagen source.

What foods contain collagen?

Introducing more high collagen foods into your weekly meal rotation is a great natural way to get collagen into your diet, and there are a few different types of collagen food sources to choose from. 

As collagen is derived from animal sources, one of the best foods for collagen is unfortunately not safe for vegans and vegetarians, but – don’t worry – we’ll get to some animal friendly collagen food sources soon! Most high collagen foods are meat products like fish, chicken, pork, and beef, particularly the skin or off-cuts of the meat, but the best source of collagen is bone broth. 

However, while meats are a good source of collagen, you can find some animal-friendly ways to boost collagen levels. For example, while citrus fruits, berries and tropical fruits don’t contain collagen themselves, they are all rich in vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production. 

For vegetarians, a great natural collagen food source is egg whites. The proline in egg whites is one of the essential amino acids necessary for collagen production, so you can support your natural collagen levels by introducing them into your diet.  

So, there are plenty of natural collagen food sources to suit any dietary requirement and everyone’s taste.

Bone broth and collagen

Bone broth is the most well-known high collagen food source and happens to be one of the best natural collagen foods too, as it is made from boiled animal bones and connective tissues. 

Common ingredients in bone broth include cow, chicken, and fish bones, which are boiled to create a broth that can be used for soup, sauce, or gravy – a tasty and natural way to boost the collagen in your diet!

Although bone broth is a staple of Eastern diets, it has not always been popular in Western cuisine until recently. While the health benefits of bone broth and collagen have now been realised, a study comparing the collagen sources in bone broth and in collagen supplements found you are still better off taking collagen supplements such as Absolute Collagen’s liquid collagen.

In order to be absorbed into the bloodstream, the collagen molecules in bone broth need to be extremely small and have a low Dalton weight - the measurement used to weigh each collagen molecule. However, bone broth collagen weighs around 30,000 Daltons, while the hydrolysed collagen in our Absolute Collagen sachets is just 2,000 Daltons.

What makes Absolute Collagen the most effective collagen supplement?

Absolute Collagen is our award-winning collagen drink! With 8000mg of premium hydrolysed Type 1 marine collagen in each 10ml sachet, and rich in Vitamin C, it is the most concentrated collagen available. 

We use premium marine collagen taken from the skin of fish already heading for human consumption so there’s no waste. In order to get the same amount of collagen into your diet through high collagen foods like fish, you would need to eat an enormous amount!

Crucially, the collagen in our sachets has been hydrolysed. This means the collagen molecules have been broken down into smaller chains of amino acids – peptides – which can then more easily pass through the blood stream. 

What’s more, our liquid collagen is highly bioavailable, meaning it is effectively absorbed by the body. With a 90-95% absorption rate, Absolute Collagen sachets are much more available than high collagen foods.

Best of all, our collagen is ready to take right from the sachet, meaning it is far more convenient than collagen food sources, and provides the perfect ready-mixed dose. 

Try Absolute Collagen for yourself today and see the benefits of our award-winning collagen drink or check out what our Absoluters have to say about why they love our collagen sachets!

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